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The following information is offered in advance of either your booking or visit to the park, as we would rather you are able to make an informed choice than find the park does not meet your requirements.

The park has been run by the the Geldard family for 36 years. We have steadily improved the park from it's humble beginnings as a farm with camping field to the Wales Tourist Board Four Star Touring Park that exists today. We have always invested a great deal in trying to improve the park for the benefit of our customers many of whom now return on a regular basis safe in the knowledge of what the park offers. This is at the heart of our management philosophy - the park is run for the benefit of the majority not the minority or individual. Fron is a small, quiet family park and therefore bad behaviour, excessive noise, disrespect for other park users / the owners and the facilities is not tolerated. The management reserves the right to terminate occupation of a pitch if such circumstances apply.


Caravan Park: 1st April or Easter (which ever is first) to September 30th


You do not need a key to access these facilities. The showers and hair dryers are coin operated and take 20p coins. We ask that young children are always supervised when using the toilet blocks. We pride ourselves on their cleanliness.


The pool is NOT open before Spring Bank holiday as this is usually the soonest it can be made ready after the winter shut down and the temperature of the water raised to an acceptable level.

During season open 1.30pm to 6.30pm (the pool is never open in the mornings)

All children must be signed into the pool area (only once during your stay) and non swimmers and children under 14 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. (Health and Safety Rules not ours, as the pool does not have an attendant.) There is an alarm within the pool area if you need life saving or emergency assistance. With the addition of the pool dome cover it may be necessary to stagger entry into the pool if the dome is closed to avoid overcrowding. If there is demand then sometimes in high season we have an adults only session from 5.30pm to 6.30pm as some customers prefer a less hectic swim than may be available earlier. The pool is not available to day visitors as demand is high enough without additional numbers creating overcrowding. We reserve the right to keep the pool closed in cold or inclement weather.


8.00am till dusk (9.30pm approx.)

This facility is intended for children under the age of 14 only, children age 5 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times. It was never necessary to stipulate times of use for this facility until lately. In the past most reasonable people have accepted after dusk accidents can very easily happen around swings and an adventure playground. By it's nature the play area can be a noisy place and as a rule, at dusk, there are younger families who are bedding down children. Children / teenagers have either under their own initiative or on parents instruction moved back to their pitches. In recent years increasingly this has not happened and as park owners trying to consider all park customers considerations we feel this is not fair. Now at dusk we ask the play area to clear of children and teenagers and in light of verbal abuse as a result of this request not only from the former but also adults we now enforce these timings. Any form of verbal abuse will result in dismissal from the park IMMEDIATELY. In periods of extreme weather (this is Britain after all) for safety reasons it may be necessary to close this facility.

We offer the following observation in light of recent experiences on the park. We suggest that if you have teenage children then Fron might not best suit your needs. There is little for teenagers to do, we have no hi-tech games room, only the pool, swings and adventure playground. These are intended for younger children only and in the case of the swings and playground not intended for or to be monopolised by teenagers. We do not wish to discriminate or offend on the question of age but experience has taught us nowadays teenagers need more stimulation than perhaps Fron can offer!

LAUNDRY / UTILITIES ROOM: 8.00am till 10.00pm

This facility is kept locked but a key is freely available throughout day light hours from the front of reception for washing up, laundry and ironing (washing machines £2.50, tumble drier £1.00). The key is not available for safety and security reasons before 8.00am and after 10.00pm. This is the only facility on the park from which babies / children (under 18's) are excluded, it is STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY


The park entrance is open 24 hours a day there are no locked gates at the entrance. People leaving early or returning late are asked to respect other customers who may not be awake at those times.

All caravan pitches are marked, the same size and have electric hook up (16amp). Parking is next to your caravan. All pitches are allocated prior to arrival for planning purposes.

Only breathable / open weave groundsheets are allowed inside awnings on the caravan park no other types are permitted. If a non breathable groundsheet is used you will be asked to remove it. We work extremely hard to maintain the quality of grass pitches throughout the season, regardless of use, for the benefit of customers whenever they are booked. Non breathable groundsheets kill the grass. Most graded caravan parks now stipulate this criteria.

We allow barbecues using charcoal or brickettes only and they must be clear of the grass surface when used. There are concrete blocks on site for this purpose. We do not allow bonfires or the burning of wood or paper/cardboard in barbecues at all, so please do not bring wood back from trips to the beach or elsewhere.

Electric hook-ups are rated at 16 amps. Customers are reminded only to use specifically manufactured camping electrical equipment i.e. low wattage 1000w/1kw or less, not domestic kettles as you might usually use at home and definitely not electric space heaters, both will in addition to other appliances you will be using, take you over the 10 amps and blow the fuse! The fuse is only replaced once during your stay. Customers expecting to use the electric hook-ups must have an approved connection box containing an RCCD, home made units are not acceptable or permitted and should have at least 20 metres of cable as normal standard. Electric hook-ups will not necessarily be right by your pitch we have multi point boxes.

There are no HARD ball games permitted on the caravan park (football, cricket, golf etc. swing ball is ok) There is a large area available for this on the front field without having to worry about damaging caravans, awnings and guy ropes.

The toilet blocks and facility areas are lit throughout the hours of darkness but no lighting intrudes on the caravan or tent pitch areas, we feel this strikes a happy medium.

Dogs are welcome on the park (maximum of 2 per pitch, charge of £1.50 / dog). We provide a dog walking paddock situated off the tent field where dogs can exercise off the lead. On the remainder of the park they must be on a lead and kept within the pitch area and not allowed to foul the grass. They are not to be taken within the swing / play area by adults or children.

We do not accept bookings for caravans to be accompanied by or towed by panel vans (private or commercial) e.g transit vans or like types. Car based vans are accepted.

Customers intending to have visitors to their pitch during their stay must inform the park owners in advance. There is a charge for visitors which is payable in advance. Visitors must report to reception immediately on arrival and their cars may only be parked on the visitor car park area not by your caravan. The park owners reserve the right to refuse admission to visitors or limit their numbers to any one pitch or during peak periods. Visitors payment covers insurance, parking and toilet facilities during the day but does not include access to the park swimming pool. All visitors must depart from the park by 10.00pm.

We consider the park unsuitable for parties without transport and we do not take group bookings in any form.

Customers are politely asked to respect our neighbors, buildings and their land that border the park on three sides. All edges of the caravan park are bounded by fences and in some areas ditches. Customers are not permitted to cross the fences or ditches, not only are these dangerous areas particularly for children, but more importantly they do not form part of the park.


Refunds of park fees are not given. If due to unavoidable circumstances you are unable to use your booking, the management will offer you alternative dates conducive to both parties. If a customer has either paid a deposit or paid in full and does not inform us they will not be arriving, the will forfeit any rights to alternative dates.

We don't suggest for one minute that Fron Caravan and Camping Park will suit everyone but we sincerely hope that having seen and read all the information available here you feel it's right for you and your holiday as others have done...

Emails received post season

''Just a quick email to say thank you for letting us stay on your site last week. (we were on plot 4) We had a really lovely holiday, made all the more so for an absolutely spotless and beautiful site. You obviously work really hard to keep the place so nice. Our kids had a fantastic time and are already talking about another holiday in Anglesey.

Thank you so much, I hope the rest of your summer goes well for you,


Evan, Hilary, Jonah, Rory and Anwen C.''

"Hello to all. Just a quick note to say thank you all for allowing us to share your 'front garden' again! Your site and service were impeccable as ever and we look forward to spending some time with you next year.

Please pass our thanks on to all concerned.

Kind regards

Owen & Jane H (and the dog!)"